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This PodCast is called UniquilibriuM (yoon-eek-will-ib-ree-um). This is a clever fusion of the words unique plus equilibrium and is wonderfully symmetrical. The podcast focuses on how to use hypnosis and meditation to help with relaxation, getting better sleep, and lucid-dreaming. It also covers metaphysical and paranormal subjects in the world through the lens of Hypno-Analysis (explaining why things happen based on subconscious-mind driven behaviors). The podcast can be accessed through the website &


The UniquilibriuM PodCast explores “MetaPhysical Hypnosis and Meditation for Relaxation, Better Sleep, Lucid-Dreaming and Beyond“. The genre is “how-to” and presents, lectures and instructs how to use metaphysical, hypnotic, and meditation techniques and methods to explore the potential of the human mind. Listeners not only get talking-points on how to use these different tools, but they are also provided with various audio productions that are to be used according to the instructions given. The recordings may be spoken self-hypnosis, guided meditations, or purely instrumental and ambient sound designs created especially to change the listeners state of mind. At this time at least one podcast is produced every week, but not on a specific day. This will be set at a future date.

Cast and Crew

Flor Elizabeth Carrasco and Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander are the contributors to this podcast. They handle everything from the research, planning, writing, composition of sounds, recording, production, editing, publishing, photography and artwork.

Flor is a visual artist, photographer, and musician with an expertise in public health, and a passion for reading, exercise, gardening, cycling, hiking, and cooking.

Hakeem is a writer, photographer and musician with an expertise in clinical hypnosis, and a passion for reading, exercise, martial-arts, cycling, hiking, and especially for Flor.

The Golden Couple


The podcast is produced and published through Spreaker at, and through Anchor at It can also be listened to through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iTunes, Breaker, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Deezer, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, and JioSaavan to name a handful. All of the audio productions released through Spreaker can be listened to without ads on YouTube at

Podcast Listener Support

UniquilibriuM and other related podcasts in our catalogue may be financially supported through Liberapay, PayPal and Anchor by clicking on this link Uniquilibrium Supporters and selecting the options that best suits the listeners budget and / or desire.


You can reach out to Hakeem by email at, by phone at 718-395-7717, and Skype at live:hakeemalexander. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook handles are also located with the brand UniquilibriuM.,,


PodCast Trailer – audio and video

Listen to “UniquilibriuM (Trailer)” on Spreaker.