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Callin To UniquilibriuM

(UniquilibriuM) Callin is exactly the kind of app that I need to to propagate waves of mind-control neutralizing frequencies. Being able to patch various different software features to get the results you want is a key skill to have that quickly comes with the right kind of experience. Dedicated tinkering.

The 1st 16 episodes are set to go here -> UniquilibriuM Callin.

The primary source for DemiPhase binaural beats, healing tones, and other frequency formulas will still be published through UniquilibriuM on Spreaker.

Also, the Dominion of UniquilibriuM is for now an “Inoffensive Centrist Democracy”.

UniquilibriuM, LLC

900 Commonwealth Place Suit 200-417

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464

Office: 757-834-0010

Fax: 757-834-0017

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