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Daily Science Report: General Discussion About Alternative Technology

(UniquilibriuM) Hosted by Brady Crow with Hakeem Alexander. Click image to listen.

Excerpt from AI generated transcript on Callin

I think that is both a useful tool for mitigating a lot of the issues we have as humans and it’s also been turned as a bit of a weapon against us for things that do not benefit us

So it’s a bit of a blunt tool but it is a useful tool nonetheless your points on that were brilliant if you want to kind of elaborate

On that there’s another text I’d like to add to that one is okay the dsm five because that’s the addition we’re at now the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders

Which is published by the american psychiatric association and then there’s another book that goes along right with that because you couldn’t have a diagnostic book without the physician desk reference

Also known as the pdr and that is basically the billing bible it’s basically a phone book kind of thing a reference a directory of all of the medications that are currently in use in alphabetical order and who makes them and how to administer them and all of that good stuff

So basically this tells you how much you should give every patient on what schedule and everything like it’s what’s also known as the billing bible of the medical industry

Because if you follow the directions in there just like a recipe of baking a cake or something like that and by the way a lot of people should know this

That cooking and scientific experimental reproduction and scientific experiments are pretty much identical a lot of people don’t know that a lot of people who cook

If you’re a good chef you could be an equally good scientist I’ve always felt that way yes laboratory or research scientist

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