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Vesper Dust: Meditation, Concentration, Focus And Clarity – Ambient Sound For Study, Creativity And Work

(UniquilibriuM) The balcony of Suite 1603 on the 14th floor draws in sound from all over the neighborhood; the climate control unit, the birds, folks in the nearby park, light traffic, and the breeze flowing above the trees.

Depending on what kind of stimulation or environment you are accustomed to, this sound design can help you to remain focused, be creative, meditate, or relax, sleep and dream vividly. This is a combination of environmental recordings with pure tones blended to create a unique, sonic atmosphere.

Listen to “Vesper Dust: Meditation, Concentration, Focus And Clarity – Ambient Sound For Study, Creativity And Work” on Spreaker.

Your imagination can do anything. Your mind is the most powerful entity in the Universe. So start your project, or close your eyes and allow yourself to dream into the moment whatever will bring you closer to creating your success and and the inspiration you need to truly know yourself.

Each track is designed to be put on loop to extend the time as much as you like without disturbance, or combined with any of the other DemiPhase℠ tracks for a complete, healing, meditation adventure.

Vocational & Avocational Motivation & Self-Improvement. MetaPhysical Hypnosis and Meditation incorporating DemiPhase℠ (DemiCerebral NeuroPhasing), pure binaural frequencies combining isochronic tones and entrancing soundscapes for brain wave entrainment with hypnotic suggestion.

*** You will best experience the benefits of these audios by listening with stereo speakers placed to the left and right of your head, with surround sound, or stereo headphones. Even if you don’t have these options, the pure, naked tones, notes, vibrations and rhythms will provide a relaxing and meditative atmosphere for you to feel energized, calm and revitalized.

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2 thoughts on “Vesper Dust: Meditation, Concentration, Focus And Clarity – Ambient Sound For Study, Creativity And Work

  1. Brainwave Frequency Info:
    In 1924 Hans Berger proposed that different cognitive states of our mind are characterized by certain frequencies. –

    • Beta (16-31 Hz) shows focused concentration.
    • Alpha (8-15 Hz) shows relaxed alertness and creativity.
    • Theta (4-7 Hz) shows meditation, dreams and light sleep.
    • Delta (0.1-3 Hz) shows unconsciousness and deep sleep.


    – 4Hz: Supercharge
    – 4.5Hz: Shamanic state of consciousness
    – 5Hz: Less sleep required, Relaxation
    – 6.3Hz: Out of Body Experience, Astral Projection
    – 7.5Hz: Creative thought for art, invention, music
    – 7.83Hz: Grounding Schumann Earth Resonance
    – 3-8Hz: Deep relaxation, Meditation, Lucid dreaming, Creativity
    – 4-7Hz: Inner peace, Emotional healing

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