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S.P.A.C.E.: Sentience Protection Agency & Cosmic Embassy – Attacking Alien Invaders

(UniquilibriuM) [166001010]- This is a little bit of a flashback to a few of my previous blogs about my paranormal experiences concerning aliens, lucid-dreams, astral-projection, and beyond. I was very insecure about revealing the experiences that were being uncovered from my past regarding my close encounters of all kinds. However, at this point, I am going full-speed ahead. These previous publications outline a small piece of my history with this very specific kind of experience.

The podcast you will listen to next contains my revisiting these blogs, reading through them, and giving some commentary on my thought processes when I was creating them. The links to each one of them are also provided for you to read along, and / or review on your own another time.

At the bottom of this blog you will find the podcast about defending against and attacking aliens; followed by the DemiPhase audio called “Vesper Dust” that you can download as one of the audios to use when constructing and using The Metatron Weapon Against Alien Threats. Finally, a trailer for the documentary called “Extraordinary: The Seeding” that I have mentioned several times in this podcast, along with a link to view it on Amazon Prime.

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Listen to “S.P.A.C.E.: Sentience Protection Agency & Cosmic Embassy – Attacking Alien Invaders” on Spreaker.

Contacting S.P.A.C.E. on H.A.L.O.-Delta Experiments – March 25th 2012

Super Conscious Royal Alien Wrestling League – April 28th 2013

When Sleep Paralysis Visits” The Terror of the Nightmare – May 25th 2013

Fifty Pieces of Grey: Dismembering Hostile Aliens With A Sword – May 24th 2013

The Metatron Weapon Against Alien Threats – November 21st 2021

Listen to “Self-Defense and Counter Attack ExtraTerrestrial, Space-Aliens” on Spreaker. Stream and / or DownLoad “Vesper Dust” for use in creating “The Metatron Weapon” – Listen to “Vesper Dust: Meditation, Concentration, Focus And Clarity – Ambient Sound For Study, Creativity And Work” on Spreaker.

* Extraordinary” The Seeding – Amazon Prime Video *

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