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The Metatron Weapon Against Alien Threats

(UniquilibriuM) In these podcasts you will learn about self-defense against alien abduction, how to construct and use Metatron’s Weapon against alien threats, and a mind-blowing coincidence that I discovered while doing search-engine optimization research for my previous 3 podcasts published in one blog. The media is presented in the following order:

  1. Constructing Metatron’s Weapon Against Alien Threats.
  2. Metatron’s Weapon Against Alien Threats (Including book reviews).
  3. DemiPhase 11.1 for use in constructing Metatron’s weapon.
  4. Metatron’s Cube in 1-dimension for use in constructing Metatron’s Weapon. [image]
  5. Artwork for the podcasts featuring anti-alien themes. [image]

Following my podcast publication of “Constructing Metatron’s Weapon Against Alien Threats”

Listen to “Constructing Metatron’s Weapon Against Alien Threats” on Spreaker.

I decided to check my web presence for the key phrase “Self-Defense Against Alien Abduction”, because I had previously published 3 of my podcasts under that title as a series

When I got back the results and looked into the main sources that came back, I was floored by the incredible similarities and even exact matches with what I arrogantly assumed I was pioneering on my own.

The 1st is a book from 1998 by author Ann Druffel “How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction”

followed by “Self-Defense Against Alien Abduction” by M.E. Brines, which is simply a very short, 8 page summary of the key points in Ann Druffel’s book mentioned previously.

My main point in this exposition is to demonstrate that there is in fact an alien abduction problem. If I came to the same conclusions from my own experiences that someone has made into a book after 40 years of research, there must in fact be an issue with alien abductions on Earth.

What else (besides plagiarism) can explain such striking parallels? Listen to “The Metatron Weapon Against Alien Threats” on Spreaker. The following tools can be used in constructing Metatron’s Weapon Listen to “Remote-Viewing, Time-Travel, Astral-Projection, Lucid-Dreaming Super-Accelerator 1,000 X Boost” on Spreaker.

Metatron’s Cube (1-D)

PodCast ArtWork

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