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How To Lucid Dream With MultiMedia

(UniquilibriuM) This is one of my favorite experiences in life. I enjoy lucid dreaming more than almost everything else. I am able to live out countless different fantasies as well as find comfort in my darkest times.

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The Things That Can Help You Lucid Dream Are:

  1. Familiar voice recordings made by yourself or commercially produced.
  2. Binaural Beat, DemiPhase℠ or other ambient recordings produced for sleep and dreams.
  3. Movies, T.V. shows or other videos playing with sound / 3a. Muted movies, T.V. shows, or videos.
  4. The need to go to the toilet to urinate (pee-pee).
  5. Repeatedly snoozing an alarm clock or other timed alarm.

Why Do Those 5 Things Mentioned Help You Lucid Dream?

A. Those 5 things can help you lucid dream because they act like mini awakenings that raise your level of awareness. This means that your consciousness gets raised from a lower more unconscious state to a higher subconscious state. These mini awakenings kick you out of auto-pilot and put you in the driver’s seat, (or at least hands you a GoPro to record) so that you remember your dreams if you usually don’t.

B. If sounds seem to be coming from all around you, if you are a person with vision, your eyes will begin to move around to search for the source of the sounds in a similar way to when you are awake and moving around in life. Unless we are in some kind of trance state or meditation, our eyes do not usually become fascinated or fixed onto one point.

Listen to the Solfeggio and the Seas Collection

Listen to “SolfeggiOceaniX: Lucid Dream Stimulator With 9 Solfeggio Tone, Binaural Frequencies” on Spreaker.

Visual Play of The Lucid Ingredient: Am I Dreaming

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