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Shared Dreaming, Night Terrors And Low Blood Sugar

(UniquilibriuM) What do shared dreaming, nightmares and hypoglycemia have in common? For some people it may be much more than ever before imagined. This is a thorough account of the fascinating inner world that many people suffer through as told from my own personal experience. Weaving together the paranormal with biochemistry, hypnosis and ambient sound designs to represent the bizarre, hidden universe lingering in the souls of every conscious being.

Listen Now | Anchor fm running time: Approximately 57-Minutes

Featured SoundTrack: – BlumeGeist II – Flower Spirit (stream & download)

Listen to “Ultimate Astral-Projection, Lucid Dreaming & Deep Sleep With BlumeGeist II – Flower Spirit” on Spreaker.
This is a short list of my past journaling about some of these outrageous mental adventures of mine.

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