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The Reality of UFOS and Out of Body Experiences

Notes (Free Association)

  1. UFOs are real – Lue Elizondo – Pentagon
  2. Breakaway Civilization – Joseph P. Farrell – Interplanetary War – Scalar Resonance Weapons
  3. Side Note: resonance killing pathogens
  4. Intergalactic Communication System – Message of the Pulsars – Paul A LaViolette
  5. How – Antigravity Propulsion – electrogravitics
  6. Ether Physics – Etherons – nonphysical to physical
  7. Ontological Mathematics – symmetry – asymmetry = physical reality
  8. Reality is mathematical information = mind
  9. How we can have OBEs due to coherence or symmetry
  10. Symmetry may be achieved acoustically with DemiPhase

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See references mentioned in the podcast below

READ: UFOs are real

BOOK available: The Cosmic War

VISIT: Decoding the Message of the Pulsars

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