How To Use “Astral Projection 1.0” For An Incredible Out Of Body Experience

(UniquilibriuM) This podcast briefly explains how to use the frequency you can stream below, and covers a few updates on using the specific techniques I am developing to get the most out of your binaural, Hemi-Sync, and DemiPhase experiences with audio frequencies and other sound designs.

Explore the reality outside of your physical body as you journey into the astral realm. The audio player for the DemiPhase sound design you will use for this experience can be streamed below.

You may be able to consult with other beings, higher intelligences, and even visit with loved ones who have crossed over the border into the un-extended and dimensionless domain of the spirit, mind and soul.

Use this frequency by following the BALance Protocol: Breathe – Affirm – Listen.

This specific frequency challenges you to breathe and count 16 breaths followed by saying and counting a repeated affirmation 7 times.

You can do the breathing and counting before or while you are listening to this audio called “Astral Projection 1.0”.

First, breathe in and out and then say “one” out loud or in your head, breathe again and say “two” and so on. Continue breathing and count all the way to 16.

Next, say “Astral Projection” followed by saying “one” out loud or in your head. Repeat and say “two” and so on. Continue saying “Astral Projection” and counting all the way to 7.

Listen to “Astral Projection 1.0 For An Incredible Out Of Body Experience GateWay” on Spreaker.

* * * Need some help understanding how to use binaural beats, HemiSync and DemiPhase? Listen to this PodCast “How To Use Binaural Beats”. (

Why am I obsessed with moving beyond my physical body?

Read about that here -> To Find My Beloved Flower’s Spirit –

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