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Inception. Extraction. Deception. Playing the Role of the Lucid Dreamer

(UniquilibriuM) Within this blog you will find historical blog posts from 2012, 2013, and a podcast from 2019 all exploring this unintentionally deceptive concept portrayed in the movie Inception. I would like to believe that it is an unintentional deception, but only a few really know that for sure.

Original Blog Source – UniquilibriuM: Inception, Extraction, Deception

A brief follow up for clarification – Mind Power Maps Inception Extraction Deception.

Several references are made of popular entertainment including: Inception, Batman Begins, Supernatural.

First, you can listen to a recent recount and 2021 introduction of the podcast originally recorded on April 1st 2019. Next you can listen to the podcast without introduction. Finally, there is a YouTube embed if you prefer to listen through YouTube.

Listen to “The Deception Of Inception” on Spreaker.

Listen to the original April Fool’s Day Recording below with the embedded player or on YouTube by scrolling down below. Taking control of your own mind. This recording is the insomniac musings of a Professional, Clinical Hypnotist.

Listen to “Inception. Extraction. Deception. Playing the Role of the Lucid Dreamer” on Spreaker.

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