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Baëll / Bael: The Principal King of the UnderWorld

Demon Diamonds and Alien Angel Angles

The name Bael is a title that means “lord”, “master”, or “person in charge” (Osborne 2013).

Bael is the 1st and principal king “which is of the power of the east” (Weyer 1563) in control of the eastern region of hell with 66 legions of devils under its command. When it appears, for whatever reason, it has three heads. In the center is the head of a man with a crown; on the left is the head of a toad; and on the right is the head of a cat. Apparently he also has some creepy looking arachnoid legs.

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I haven’t yet heard Bael’s voice, but it is said to be harsh or hoarse. If you know how to ask, Bael can make you invisible. To do this, you must have a Lamen which is a sort of magical pendant that hangs down over your heart, or like a breastplate. Aleister Crowley describes it as “a sort of coat of arms. It expresses the character and powers of the wearer” (Wikipedia). Maybe one of the symbols on this Lamen should be the Seal of Bael. Another way might be to use a magic ring engraved with a 5-pointed star like the one that Solomon used to subdue the demons into slave labor for the building of his temple (Conybeare 1898).

According to A Dictionary of Angels (Davidson 1967), Bael is somehow “…equated with the archangel Raphael” in the Zohar. When I looked up Raphael in the same book (Davidson 1967), it directed me to my copy of 1st Enoch which reads [Raphael] “…is set over all the diseases and all the wounds of the children of men…”. None of this has anything to do with invisibility as far as I can understand so far. Raphael is also “guardian of the west“. Isn’t that opposite east?

Archangel Raphael

The 1st hypnotic modality is known as authority or one-upmanship. Using the title of “king”, “lord”, or “master”; Bael may try to “establish control over the environment to establish authority” (Alexander 2008). Don’t fall for this. If Bael comes a calling, you should “Beware of status symbols – names, ranks, or possessions; be sure that the person (or demon) behind the title is worth the esteem” (Osborne 2013). Nothing has power over you unless you permit it. “The way you want to live your life is mastered by your own self” (Carrasco, Flor E. 2017).

Seal of Bael


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