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How To Time-Travel Using Hypnosis And Sound Waves

(UniquilibriuM) I first discussed some of these techniques in a brainstorming rant called Neutralizing Naughty Narcissists. You can listen HERE. This podcast refines the techniques and gives details about how to use them with a Frequency Formula specifically designed for exploring Time-Travel through memory, emotion and desire. You can listen in the second recording featured in this blog below, and use it to attempt your own time-travel adventure. This podcast will teach you how.


What To Do

  1. 8 x Breaths: First you breathe in and out, then say the number “1”, after the next breath in and out you say “2”, and continue all the way to 8. You can say the numbers and affirmation / mantra out loud or in mind.
  2. 8 x Mantra Repetition: Second, you say the mantra / affirmation “Time Travel” followed by saying 1, then repeat again and say “2”, just like with the breathing meditation all the way to the number 8.
  3. Listen: Finally, you simply put on your headphones, adjust the volume, and listen to this 33-minute DemiPhase audio. (available in the 2nd podcast player from Spreaker below)

Notes for current and upcoming BlogCasts.

  1. How to Use Binaural Beats
  2. Using the BALANCE Protocol (Breathe, Affirm, Listen)
  3. This BAL is numeral 8 for breaths and affirmation.
  4. Memory, Emotion, Desire (MED)
  5. Sine Wave Incremental Thought Change Hypnosis (SWITCH)
  6. Why? Clinical PLR Remote Viewing & Recreation
  7. VMBR, Mirror Neurons,
  8. Ontological Mathematics
  9. Action Proof Formula (EIM + EAS)
  • Physical comfort for deep meditation or sleep.
  • Headphones, preset volume.
  • Breathe 8 times followed by saying “Time-Travel” 8 times
  • Play the DemiPhase Frequency Formula.

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Listen to “Time-Travel 125” o the podcast player below

Travel along the timeline to a life you may have lived before, or launch yourself into a future that could at some point be possible. Tap into desire, emotion, and memory to smoothly ride along the temporal waves of existence and explore the mysteries of time and space apart from the here and now. Allow this beautifully haunting soundscape to temporarily release you from the material and physical bonds of this world and into the seas, flames and winds of eternity.

Listen to “Time Travel, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Past Life, Future Travel, Remote Viewing Formula” on Spreaker.

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