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Interdimensional Beings: Exploring the Connection Between Gods and Extraterrestrials

Possible introduction for an upcoming book.

Do you not find it odd that all metaphysical beings, and paranormal phenomena share all of the same supernatural abilities and characteristics?

From the gravity defying power to fly, float, hover, and levitate; to remote influencing abilities of telekinesis, telepathy, and mind control. There are also the abilities to become invisible, de-materialize in order to pass through solid objects, the manipulation of emotions, and sparking sexual arousal.

There are powers that create illusions, hallucinations, and the ability to shape-shift from non-human into human form as a means to terrorize, or disguise.

There is electrokinesis of electromagnetism, hydrokinesis controlling anything with H2O, and thermokinesis that can change the temperature cool to freezing, warm to an inferno, up to the potential for these combined powers to change the weather and climate.

If you think about this just a bit, you will discover that there is not much more to the abilities of aliens, angels, demons, or even the gods. These beings’ abilities are only limited to how many of them they have, and / or the magnitude – meaning how strong and far-reaching these abilities are.

Overall however, these supernatural powers are all the same among these creatures, and entities. It causes me to wonder if there are only a few of us in this universe who are being kept out of the loop about how to gain such control over the natural world.

And why is it that no matter what name you give to, or however you classify these entities, they can all do the same things? That is, they all have the ability to push the boundaries of our natural, physical laws much in the same way we lucid dreamers are able to do in the thought reactive space of imagination when we sleep and dream.

Experience any multimedia offering of science fiction and fantasy, and you will plainly understand that there is nothing that these so-called supernatural beings can do, that we have not already imagined.

Maybe it is from our imaginations that they came to begin with.

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